Research suggests CBD could be useful for hard-to-treat brain cancer

In the study, researchers looked at glioblastoma cells from both canine and human brains


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A new study out of Colorado State University has found that the non-psychoactive cannabis compound CBD (cannabidiol) could prove useful in therapy for glioblastoma, a fast-spreading and hard-to-treat form of brain cancer.

In the study, researchers looked at glioblastoma cells from both canine and human brains, because the cancer affects both species in strikingly similar ways. They tested a 100-percent CBD isolate and a CBD extract that also contained small amounts of other compounds, including THC.

What they found in treating cancerous cells with CBD was that targeting the mitochondria—the cells’ energy-producing structures—caused the mitochondria to dysfunction. Experiments showed that glioblastoma cells treated with CBD exhibited significant decreases in mitochondrial activity.

According to a news release from Experimental Biology, “the researchers plan to transition from cell cultures to animal models to test CBD’s effects on glioblastoma. If the animal studies go well, the work could progress to clinical trials on dogs that are being treated for naturally occurring glioblastoma at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.”

Researcher Chase Gross, a student in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master of Science program at CSU, said “CBD has been zealously studied in cells for its anticancer properties over the last decade. Our study helps complete the in vitro puzzle, allowing us to move forward in studying CBD’s effects on glioblastoma in a clinical setting using live animal models. This could lead to new treatments that would help both people and dogs that have this very serious cancer.”

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