Ready for cannabis snuff? Goodness Growth Holdings receives product patent

Cannabis-based moist snuff could disrupt the tobacco industry.

Cannabis company says its moist snuff will offer quicker onset than edible products. Ekalunda/Getty Images


A cannabis company has announced that it received a patent for its moist snuff product.

Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. indicated in a media release that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued what is known as a Notice of Allowance.

Its subsidiary company, Resurgent Biosciences, Inc. received the patent.

Resurgent filed the patent application titled “Cannabis Based Moist Snuff”.

Snuff is a finely ground tobacco product.

The smokeless product comes in two main forms: dried or moist.

Dried snuff is inhaled. Meanwhile, moist snuff is consumed by putting tobacco between the lip or cheek and gum.

Goodness Growth is based in Minneapolis.

In a media release Wednesday (September 1), the company noted the development presents an “opportunity to commercialize a new cannabis product”.

It explained that cannabis snuff will come in a “delivery format that already has proven appeal to consumers in the multi-billion-dollar tobacco industry, in which moist snuff is the highest selling smokeless product category”.

As an alternative to smokeless tobacco, cannabis moist snuff could create a disruption in the market.

“The receipt of this patent highlights the quality and strength of innovation from our team at Resurgent Biosciences, and is consistent with our long-term strategy to develop meaningful, protectable intellectual property and simultaneously disrupt the tobacco industry with safer, cannabis-based alternatives,” Goodness Growth chair and CEO Kyle Kingsley said in the media release.

The media release noted what Resurgent’s patented process entails.

Specifically, the process will “enable the creation of cannabis moist snuff products that will offer consumers a quicker rate of onset and bioavailability than ingested edible products, but at a slower rate of onset than smoking or vaping cannabis”.

Moreover, Kingsley, a medical doctor, added in the release that cannabis snuff products could enjoy “wide appeal to consumers in the future”.

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