How to roll a cone joint with raw papers: a guide

It takes some determination and practice to progress from rolling smaller joints to sculpting thick, long bat joints

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Rolling a joint is a skill, and it takes some determination and practice to progress from rolling smaller cigarette joints to sculpting thick, long bat joints. If you really wish to stand out for your superior joint-rolling skills, you’ll need to bring something extra-special to the table. Cone joints, an Amsterdam favourite, do more than impress. Because of their shape, they also contain a lot more cannabis than a typical joint.

So how to roll a cone joint? Have a look at our step-by-step instructions. Before you get rolling, you’ll need a few things.


King-size rolling papers: Long papers are an essential for rolling a good cone joint. Get some king-size ones, as they’ll make the final result all the more impressive.

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Filter tips: These will give your joint shape and stability. You can purchase a pack of filter tips that you can roll yourself, or you can buy a conical filter that’s ready to use. These tips are recommended for your first few rolling attempts.

A grinder (or scissors): If you don’t have a grinder at hand, a good pair of scissors will do. Just make sure to chop the weed up nice and fine, and to leave no stems, seeds, or large lumps. 

A cup, piece of paper, or tray: This is where you’ll place your chopped-up weed.

Weed: The star of the show. Make sure you have a good couple of grams of your favourite cannabis strain, because cone joints deserve only the best.

Tobacco (optional): Some people like it, some don’t. Europeans are well-known for their use of tobacco in joints.

Now follow the simple step-by-step instructions below, and you’ll be on your way to cone-joint mastery.


First, grind or chop the weed up and place it in the cup, or on the tray or piece of paper. 

Prepare the rolling paper

Pull a rolling paper from the pack and put it face up on the table (sticky edge up). Roll a filter in the shape of a cone, or take your ready-bought filter, and place it at one end of the paper, right along the crease.

Add the weed

Sprinkle weed into the crease of the paper. Begin at the filter end with a very small amount and move along to the other end of the paper, increasing the amount of weed as you go. This will help create the cone shape you want.

Twist until you form a cone

Holding the cannabis-filled paper in both hands, with your thumbs at the front, gently fold the front edge of the paper round and tuck it between the cannabis and the top side of the paper. Twist until the joint is nice and tight.

Roll it, lick the glue, and smooth it

Once you have a good cone shape in your hand, gently roll the top part of the paper without crushing or rushing the paper. Before you completely roll up the cone, lick the sticky top edge of the paper. Then smooth the cone using your finger, being careful not to create creases.

Add more weed if needed and tap down

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Now that you have a cone joint, you may want to add more cannabis to the end in order to fill it up. Then, using the end of a pencil or any other thin object, poke the weed into the joint and tap.

Carefully twist the end and tighten

A small amount of empty space is required right at the end of the joint. Squeeze this part and twist it. This will tighten the joint and ensure no cannabis falls out.

Blaze it up

Sit back, light up, and smoke away.

If you want to make a cone blunt, just use a cigar wrap instead of a rolling paper. You can purchase one ready-to-roll, or you can take a cigar apart by splitting it open and removing the tobacco.

Friends, there you have it. You now have the skills to roll a legendary cone joint.

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