Lawmaker files bill to make magic mushrooms legal in New York

The legislation would remove psilocybin from the state’s list of controlled substances


Lawyer Rick Moscone sees path for legalization of psychedelics for medicine, but not recreational use

A Charter challenge to Canada’s drug laws may hasten the legalization of psychedelics.


Stars talk psychedelics in trailer for new Netflix doc

Sting and A$AP Rocky are among those sharing their hallucinogenic explorations in the film


Petition to decriminalize magic mushrooms and psychedelic plants in Canada initiated in House of Commons

Magic mushrooms are the most common example of these plants containing hallucinogenic compounds.


Psychedelics as medicine poised to explode onto world markets

The benefits of psychedelics have been known for decades, but 2020 promises to be a big year with investment ramping up clinical trials


FDA opening up to magic mushrooms to treat major depressive disorder

The normally rigid US drug regulator has designated psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, as a “breakthrough therapy”