Pros and cons of smoking weed every day

Is there anything inherently wrong with smoking cannabis every day?

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Enjoy Smoking a Joint Every Day? Discover The Pros and Cons of Daily Cannabis Consumption By Reading This First

Smoking cannabis is now part of many Canadians’ daily routine. Indeed, smoking weed is now very popular all over.

It is not only medical cannabis that is being indulged in. It is reckoned that around 35% of all cannabis users are enjoying their weed on a daily basis.

But there seems to be simultaneous negative news about cannabis use. Warning messages displayed on cannabis packaging in Canada state that cannabis can be addictive and that work, social or health problems are suffered by around 50% of all cannabis users.

It is not the fact that people smoking cannabis on a daily basis is a bad thing. It is consuming cannabis in excess that could lead you to have problems with it.

So, is it OK to consume cannabis on a daily basis? The answer to this question comes down to how cannabis fits into your life and the reason why you are using it.

Potential Pitfalls of Using Cannabis Every Day

In broad terms, the concerns over smoking cannabis on a daily basis are twofold: the effects on your health and the psychological effects.

When people talk about the psychological effects, they often link daily cannabis use with heavy cannabis consumption or overuse despite the two not necessarily being related.

Teenagers should avoid smoking cannabis every day according to Health Canada. Their research has led them to the conclusion that daily use of cannabis over a prolonged period of time, especially during adolescence, can lead to changes in the response that the brain and body have to cannabis. Health Canada also found that this pattern of cannabis consumption at an early age can lead to problems and, or, addiction.

The phrase frequently used to frighten people when discussing daily cannabis consumption is ‘cannabis use disorder’. This has become the almost accepted colloquialism for cannabis addiction among certain professionals. However, there is no data available to define what ‘cannabis use disorder’ is in terms of quantity or frequency of use. It simply appears to be a self-diagnosed statement of someone who has an inability to stop smoking weed.

What data there has been available since legalization shows that the only increase in cannabis use is among the older population rather than the young.

So, is there anything wrong with smoking weed on a daily basis from a psychological point of view? The answer would probably be that there is not unless it is causing other problems in your life.

As regards to your physical health, one of the concerns is that smoking weed every day will build up your tolerance levels to it. This is going to mean that you have to smoke more or smoke stronger strains to feel the same effects.

For medical cannabis users, for instance, this could be a particular problem as they are smoking weed out of necessity rather than for recreation. For anyone, it will certainly lead to increased spending on their cannabis.

Of course, there is a counter-argument, backed up by a mountain of anecdotal evidence, that suggests your tolerance decreases with age. This could explain why seasoned smokers often get high with just a little cannabis.

Other physical health issues to consider are damage to your heart and lungs. Of course, this will only be the case if you smoke your cannabis; if you take it by other means, these effects are negated. One other health area at risk through daily cannabis consumption is developing cannabis hyperemesis which is linked to smoking dabs that are high in THC levels.

Potential Upsides of Smoking Weed Every Day

Many people rely on a daily dose of cannabis the same way that many people need prescription medications. There is no difference between the two for many people

For instance, people who suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), cannabis can be the only thing that helps them deal with the horrors that they witnessed and caused their condition. Cannabis may be the only thing that helps to get them out of bed in the morning and give them the will to face the day.

The same can be said for many people with illnesses who rely on medical cannabis to ease their chronic pain.

The common misconception for medical and recreational consumers of cannabis is that they are only taking it every day so they can escape reality.

By mitigating the potential dangers of consuming cannabis every day, it can be an incredibly relaxing and beneficial experience that promotes your own self-care.

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, countless perfectly ‘normal’ kids are opening up about their cannabis use; much to the surprise of parents, teachers and others that were totally anti-weed previously.

Many others use cannabis to release their creativity and produce some of their best works and ideas when they are on it. Try telling these people that smoking a little weed each day is bad for them.

To paraphrase Lester Black of – weed makes the mundane interesting and allows you to become more reflective and empathetic; it also helps you live the life you want.

If these words chime with your feelings, you can take encouragement from both them and whatever your daily routine is.

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