Pot shop proposed at Bimini’s liquor spot in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood

Weed may join the Bimini’s liquor business in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver.

Martijn Baudoin / Unsplash


Weed may join the Bimini’s liquor business in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver.

If things go as planned, a pot shop will open its doors between the Bimini’s Public House, and the Bimini’s Private Liquor Store.

According to a development application before the City of Vancouver, the weed spot is going to be named as the 4th Avenue Cannabis.

The proposed shop will take 500 square feet from the Bimini’s liquor store at 2018 West 4th Avenue.

The Bimini’s liquor business is associated with Jeff Donnelly, who owns a chain of pubs in Vancouver and Toronto.

Donnelly is also behind a group of weed stores in Vancouver, which operates under the brand name Hobo.

The applicant is identified as the numbered company 1195630 BC Ltd.

It is described as “subsidiary of Grand Pacific Distributors Ltd”, and is “indirectly associated with Bimini Private Liquor Store in the same building”.

“If we do get line-ups, we will put extra security at the door to make sure everything is orderly. Much the same as we do with our associated Liquor Store and Pub,” reads the ‘operational letter’ forming part of the development application.

The application requests a relaxation of the city’s rule that pot stores should not be within 300 metres of schools, community centres, neighbourhood houses, facilities that serve vulnerable youth, and other weed shops.

“Being minimally less than 300 meters from St Augustine School should not be an issue as the School is in a different area of Kitsilano,” the letter explains. “Plus, this being an elementary school, K to 7, we will not be serving any of their students.”

The letter cites the proponents’ business experience as a plus.

“With our many years of trouble-free experience with retailing of controlled substances, namely liquor, we will bring the same good practices to the retailing of cannabis,” the letter states.

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