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Marijuana Legalization: My Trip from Organized Religion to Cannabis Convert

If legalization has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t leave it up to politicians to solve problems with our criminal laws


Cypress Hill’s B-Real gives Vancouver’s weed a GreenThumbs up

William Shatner is a ‘paintball fiend’, there’s an official cruise for flat earthers, and Mike Tyson was stoned when he sent Andrew Golota running from the ring in 2000.


Local cannabis dispensary to host a ‘Homegrown’ art show

Donna Dee has worked on the front lines of Vancouver’s addiction epidemic for 15 years—from transition houses to trauma recovery.


Activist David Malmo-Levine’s comic book debunks drug war myths

It took 10 years, but cannabis activist and self-proclaimed agitator David Malmo-Levine has released Vansterdam Comix


Highbrow comedy is popular among Vancouver’s cannabis crowd

A local comedy night reinforces why no good joke starts with: “A stoner walks into a bar…” Why would they.


Let mankind not Bogart love: Willie Nelson and Stephen Colbert sing “The Greatest Gift of All”

For serious pot smokers, any list of Christmas tunes isn't complete without a 2008 offering by Willie Nelson, ably assisted.