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10 Celebrities Who Love to Smoke Weed

These stars have parlayed their passion for pot into hit-making art – and profitable business ventures

tommy chong

Tommy Chong: A Revolutionary Life

“The Edmonton-born, Grammy-award-winning comedian continues to be an important advocate for the cannabis movement.”


Take a Trip on the Pineapple Express – History of the Strain

Pineapple Express lives up to its reputation as a mind-bending strain. It has been one of the most sought-after by cannabis lovers in North America.

tracy curley cannabis activist

In Memoriam: Tracy Curley, Cannabis Activist, 1973-2019

Longtime activist was a fearless and compassionate advocate for medical cannabis patients


What will Cannabis Legalization Mean for Music?

As weed goes corporate, so might its relationship with musicians and artists.


From MedPot to the Next Frontier – Psychedelics as Medicine

As the country blows the doors open to legal cannabis, medpot pioneer Alison Myrden prepares to go to court to fight for a legal exemption to consume magic mushrooms for her MS