Petition calls for cannabis-infused food at restaurants and cafes in Canada

Jeremy Smith of London, Ontario wants legislation amended to permit the cooking, sale and consumption of cannabis meals at food establishments.

Federal regulations do not allow the production of regular food items and cannabis products in the same facility. Milk Photography/Getty Images


A London, Ontario man hopes to see patrons at food establishments being able one day to order meals cooked with cannabis.

Jeremy Smith has stared an electronic petition before the House of Commons, which calls on the Canadian government to allow the “cooking, sale and consumption of cannabis infused consumables at restaurants and cafés”.

This means amending current legislation that does not authorize cannabis products from being manufactured with regular food within the same facility.

Smith’s petition also calls for “safety protocols” at a “cannabis infused business”.

Such practices could cover “chefs that have attended a cannabis culinary school”.

The petition likewise suggested taking measures to implement “limitations of CBD and THC used per consumable item sold”.

The petition opened for signature on July 15.

As of this post Thursday (July 29), it has gathered 296 signatures.

Charlie Angus, NDP MP for Timmins—James Bay, authorized the publication of petition.

Petitions that get at least 500 signatures qualify for presentation to the House by the authorizing MP.

Cooking with cannabis is hardly a new thing.

Enthusiasts have been using pot in the kitchen for a long time.

On October 17, 2019, Canada entered the second phase of its legalization of recreational cannabis, when the government allowed the production and sale of edible cannabis products.

The most popular forms of edibles are gums, baked products and candies. Cannabis beverages are also now available.

Smith’s petition cites “health benefits” in allowing meals prepared with cannabis at food establishments.

“The regulation of a public cannabis consumption market in restaurants and cafés would make it more difficult for youth to obtain illegal infused cannabis consumables, potentially containing higher or dangerous levels of cannabis,” the petition stated.

It also noted that those who consume cannabis for medical and recreational purposes will be to do so as “safely as possible”.

As well, the proposed measure will “keep the financial gains out of the pockets of criminals” with the “illegal sales of edible cannabis”.

The petition is available here.

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