seth rogan celebrities who smoke weed

Celebrity stoner Seth Rogen wants you to party to end Alzheimer’s

Not much is known at this point, other than the fact Anderson Paak will be performing


It’s NFL opening day so when will the league change its weed policy? 

Today’s the day, football fans: the start of the NFL season, with the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers squaring.


Grow-op busted in Spain after showing up on a cycling race broadcast

+ the DEA defends its schwag and Mike Tyson wants to be the face of weed in Sin City


Former Trump mistress Stormy Daniels selling CBD lube

+ Rush frontman Geddy Lee wants to overgrow the planet and an app to help you control your pot use


Netherlands coffeehouses might finally be going completely legit 

+ a roadside kit to test your sensitivity to THC and Macy Gray on weed


U.S. Surgeon General issues “national warning” on cannabis

+ vape pen-related illnesses get scarier and Star Wars fans high on C-3PO