Yolo! vape pen pioneer facing 40 years

According to the Los Angeles Times, makers of the Yolo! brand were stuffing vapes with synthetic pot called K2 or Spice  

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More than 50 people in Salt Lake City, Utah, have gotten sick after using a popular line of CBD vape pens called Yolo!

The makers of the brand, one the first major lines to break into the mainstream, made headlines for some slick PR at the Emmys and Oscars earlier this year. Some of their products were handed out at parties and gift bags at the awards shows. Yolo! founders Janell Thompson (on the left in the photo) and her partner, Katarina Maloney (on the right), were dubbed the “divas of CBD.” 

But now it’s all unravelled after people started getting sick, and others just started getting high using Yolo! (CBD vapes are not supposed to have that effect). Turns out, many of the vapes sold by Yolo! had no CBD in them at all, but synthetic pot called K2 or Spice, according to the Los Angeles Times

Now, authorities believe the whole thing was a part of a plot to sling synthetic weed across the country. Per AP, the intent was to distribute “massive quantities” of synthetic marijuana. 

Thompson faces 40 years for trafficking. Yolo! products have disappeared from shelves. Maloney has not been charged.

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