Whoopi Goldberg shuts down cannabis brand

Whoopi & Maya launched four years ago with plans distribute medical marijuana to help women deal with menstrual pain

Timothy White | whoopiandmaya.com


Whoopi & Maya, the cannabis company run by Whoopi Goldberg, is shutting down, according to a statement posted on its website.

Rick Cusick, a company board member, told CNN Business that The View co-star plans to step away from the brand, which she co-founded with Maya Elisabeth of Om Edibles.

Whoopi & Maya launched around four years ago with plans develop and distribute medical marijuana to help women deal with menstrual pain. It ran several campaigns and appealed to lawmakers to get menstrual cramps added to the medical marijuana eligibility list. Goldberg said at the time that the governor of New Jersey dismissed the idea by implying that period pain was not “real” pain.

“We proved there’s a market for this medicine and it’s been our joy to offer this miraculous relief to our treasured customers,” the company’s closing statement reads. “Though we’ve all come a long way, there’s far more to be achieved. This is simply the end of a single chapter in a larger story, one that we invite you to continue.”

Cusak added that the closure is partially due to the shifting cannabis landscape in California. Four years ago, the state legalized marijuana for recreational use and the  market changed. Whoopi & Maya was built around a medical marijuana model, so when the legislation passed, the company struggled to adapt.

There were also personal reasons. “It became clear to everybody that Whoopi and Maya wanted a divorce,” Cusak said.

Whoopi & Maya’s board and investors will meet to discuss a future for the company products.

The news that the company is shutting down completely was initially reported by CelebStoner.

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