When your fall cold hits (soon), should you smoke weed? 

Turns out anti-inflammatory terpenes in weed can help loosen up your sinuses and ease congestion from colds

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Some people are true believers that sparking up helps a cold, alleviating symptoms and helping ease inflammation that a cold brings. Others believe that this is all nonsense. And that even if smoking weed doesn’t make you feel worse, at best it’s just distracting you from your cold. 

Turns out there are some reasons to believe the folks who swear by the cure.

Anti-inflammatory terpenes in weed can help, in the same way that essential oils can also help: by loosening up your sinuses and easing congestion. It won’t necessarily cure the cold, but it might help you feel a little bit better.

On the other hand, inhaling any smoke into lungs that are already raw from coughing is not likely to make you feel great either. (But hey, edibles exist!) 

A note of caution: be careful mixing cold meds and weed. I’m not saying it will cause you to get super sweaty and need to run out of a concert in the middle of winter to cool down, but I’m not not saying this can’t happen.

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