Want to smell like you smoked a joint when you haven’t?

+ serial dispensary robbers on the loose in Seattle and seagull absconds with illegal stash

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Luxury brands are starting to see cannabis, and in particular all its odourous chemicals, as ripe for the perfume world. Want to smell like Sour Diesel while you’re driving a pickup truck? Sure, why not. Want to wear White Widow to a funeral? Perhaps it’s a subtle skunky scent you are after. All things are possible in the new world of cannabis inspired perfumes. 

But they’re not cheap.

Serial dispensary robbers on the loose in Seattle 

A great new story out from Politico on a recent string of dispensary robberies in Seattle. Dispensary owners have begun to unravel a theory on how they were all getting hit. Turns out that the government’s own seed-to-sale databases were telling the robbers exactly where to go. 

Since virtually all jurisdictions with legal weed track the same data in similar ways, the story has implications outside Seattle.

Check out Eric Scigliano’s fascinating piece.

Oh shit, the cops! Get the seagulls in here!

In Sweden, getting caught with cannabis can carry hefty fines and land you in jail. One man approached by police at the Gothenburg Culture Festival recently tried to ditch his stash. Police went over to retrieve the evidence but a seagull beat them to it, picking up the baggy and flying away. 

We can’t really recommend this as a cop avoidance strategy — seagulls have a mind of their own. But you may want to try rubbing your baggy in french fry grease before a sesh. You know, for security. 

Check that story out at The Leaf Desk. 

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