Want to buy a dispensary in a hip city?

Get your (very big) cheque book out

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Weed is a hot commodity. Everyone wants to be the Apple or Starbucks of weed, or whatever.

Vancouver’s real estate market is silly all on its own, but the prices being demanded for two Eggs Canna dispensaries up for sale in Canada’s cannabis capital show just how costly (and lucrative) the prospect of starting a weed business can be. 

Neither are fully licensed yet, meaning you can’t go in and start selling bud right away. But both are retail-ready. The price? One of the shops is listed at $1.95 million. The other is going for a cool $8.5 million. 

The weed industry is neither immune to, nor innocent of contributing to, the wild valuations seen in the real estate market. But barely a year after legalization, mad money is seeding the legal industry in Canada. 


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