Veteran Simpsons newsman Kent Brockman smokes weed

But that part was cut out of the script of the famous Who Shot Mr. Burns episode

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Twenty-four years ago, the writers of The Simpsons gave us a gift in two parts, and that gift was called “Who Shot Mr. Burns?”

The pair of episodes — Part I and Part II — are among the show’s finest and most enduringly funny. It’s also where, were it not for some editing, we would’ve learned that Kent Brockman smokes weed. 

To celebrate the 24th anniversary of the 1996 episode, Simpsons writer Josh Weinstein shared the original script for Who Shot Mr. Burns? on Twitter on September 17. In it, a police dog sniffs at Brockman, who eventually pulls out a bag of weed and stuffs it in his mouth to avoid detection. A classic slapstick gag, but one that ended up on the cutting room floor nonetheless. 

Read the lost page from the script here. 

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