Uruguay arrives on the global cannabis scene

The country announces itself as a major player with the first legal commercial shipment of cannabis from all of Latin America

Uruguay Flag on cannabis background. Drug policy. Legalization of marijuana


A 10-kilogram package of medical cannabis was shipped out of a lab in Uruguay last week.

Weed gets shipped out of South America all the time, you might say. Yes, but not legally. The package was the first legal, commercial shipment of cannabis from all of Latin America. In addition, it also announced Uruguay’s arrival on the global cannabis scene. The country is the first on the planet to legalize cannabis.

The medical cannabis company behind the shipment says the plan is to export a lot more in the near future – up to 100 kilograms per month. And that they are eyeing European markets like Germany where demand is high. Uraguay wants the world to know that they can hook you up.

Says one cannabis executive quoted in the Financial Post: “As we see legalization happening at a global and regional level, Uruguay is pushing ahead to develop highly-qualified people with the right skills really quickly.” 


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