University student in Zambia gets busted with a two-pound weed cake 

But instead of putting him in jail, the cops made him write an essay about the dangers of drugs

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Chikwanda Chisendele just wanted to eat a space cake. 

The university student got busted by Zambian cops with a sizeable weed cake weighing more than two pounds. It’s not something want to have happen in a country where weed is treated like a dangerous drug. And where Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission has been warning universities about the widespread use of marijuana, especially in baked treats.

“Be alert, in view of the trend of cakes and scones laced with cannabis being trafficked among students,” they’ve told schools. 

But even the cops couldn’t bring themselves to stick this poor, sober kid in jail (although if he gets caught again, he does face a two-year prison term). So instead, they made him write an essay about the dangers of drug use. And it’s a long one: 50 pages. That’s longer than most university theses.

The BBC has more. 

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