UK man says CBD oil – and dog worming medication – has stopped his bowel cancer

Scott Davis says he has surpassed his life expectancy using the concoction

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Scott Davis, a 40-year-old man in the United Kingdom, says that CBD oil used in tandem with powdered dog worming tablets has stopped his bowel cancer. 

His diagnosis was terminal, he says. Then a nurse at the hospital where he was undergoing treatment turned him on to CBD oil. He read about using dog worming tablets on the internet. So every morning, Davis takes some CBD oil and dog meds he sprinkles on his toast.

He’s now surpassed his life expectancy. And apparently his doctors are stunned. 

“I was up for trying anything so I started to take it straight away, before I even started my chemo. I know it can’t cure cancer but it has prolonged my life,” Davis told the Sun

CBD oil has been known to shrink tumours in one recent study. But obviously, you should take Davis’ experience with a grain of dog worm powder, if you will.


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