U.S. Surgeon General issues “national warning” on cannabis

+ vape pen-related illnesses get scarier and Star Wars fans high on C-3PO



It’s debatable how much trust you should have whenever the U.S. federal government starts saying something about weed, but on Thursday (August 29) the U.S. Surgeon General (a position which is analogous to king of the doctors) issued a grave-sounding “national warning” to adolescents and pregnant women to not smoke weed.

Jerome Adams also issued some admittedly jargon-y thoughts on all that fuego and all those mids floating around out there. “The THC concentration in commonly cultivated marijuana plants has increased three-fold between 1995 and 2014,” he said, adding that “marijuana available in dispensaries in some states has average concentrations of THC between 17.7 per cent and 23.2 per cent.” 

Try reading the national warning in its entirety.

You might want to think about ditching your illegal vape pen

Another reason you might want to ditch your illegal vape pen: there’s mounting evidence they’re playing a role in the mysterious vape-related illnesses that have sent dozens to hospital. A story in Rolling Stone quotes several doctors and public health officials who believe that illegal THC vape cartridges are to blame. “It’s becoming very scary,” said one. “Because we didn’t have this problem three months ago.”

Check that story out before hitting the pen. 

Star Wars fans are debating whether  C-3PO smokes pot

There’s a new Star Wars movie coming out (just like, it seems, there is every year). In the trailer for the latest installment, however, fan favourite C-3PO appears a little… well, baked. Stoned. Blitzed. High as a kite. 

All of which has prompted some spirited debate on social media. Wrote one: “the edibles just started to hit.” 

Decide for yourself.