Toronto paper freaks parents out about weed-laced Halloween candy for absolutely no reason

Canada’s most right-wing newspaper tries to whip up a moral panic in a bizarre unsigned editorial on “trippy treats”

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Every year around this time, a panic sets in across North America. The spectre of Halloween candy laced with who knows what looms. And with legal weed happening all around, things are even scarier. About what you ask? Halloween candy (gasp) packed with weed getting into your kid’s loot bag. 

This never happens, but it hasn’t stopped the Toronto Sun, Canada’s most right-wing newspaper, from whipping up a moral panic.

“Halloween high sounds like a slasher movie in development,” starts a bizarre unsigned editorial published in the paper last week. “But with Health Canada expected to legalize the sale of cannabis edibles this year, there are concerns THC-packed gummy bears, brownies, chocolate bars, cookies and other trippy treats pose a threat to kids.”

Edibles won’t actually be legally available until at least December in Canada, but that’s another story. The editorial quotes a Massachusetts doctor on the subject. Guess they couldn’t find one in Canada to agree with their line. The article also includes a GIF, strangely enough, of the pot-smoking stuffed bear from the movie Ted hitting a bong.

The thing that these annual panics around cannabis and Halloween have in common, however, is that they are complete nonsense. Yes, it is good to check your kids’ candy haul. But most people want to keep their edibles to themselves. 



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