The unlikeliest campaign to legalize cannabis is happening in Croatia

Former Playboy model and actor Ava Karabatic has announced she is running in next year’s presidential elections

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The important thing isn’t how weed gets legalized. The important thing is that it is legalized.

So for Croatians, if that takes a former Playboy model and actor running a vanity campaign for president, so be it.

Ava Karabatic recently announced that she will be running in next year’s presidential elections in Croatia to legalize sex work and weed. 

Karabatic wrote on her blog that “politics is my second love.” And that she is running because “I can no longer look at all those bad things that happen to my country. Young people are leaving.”

She says she wants to tax sex work and marijuana to help replenish the country’s coffers. She also says she’s a booster of the healing power of cannabis. We’re with her on that.

Read more about her unlikely campaign in RT. 

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