The UK’s CBD lube craze

Recreational cannabis use may be illegal in the UK, but the demand for CBD lube has reached new heights

Black couple lying on bed together sex concept



You scream, I scream, we all scream for CBD cream (and lube). People love weed, and people love to have sex. So it’s no big surprise that a product that combines the two would be a hit. In the UK, CBD has become a craze.

In a recent report, The Guardian notes that CBD lube has been a “bestseller” in England, where CBD products are actually easier to find than in North America. 

The trend is a window into the UK’s cannabis culture. Recreational cannabis use is still illegal, but the love for CBD doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

As the writer of the Guardian article notes: “On a recent walk through London I visited a cafe serving camomile and CBD lattes, passed a yoga studio advertising CBD classes, and a bar serving CBD-infused cocktails.”

The writer concludes that, “The CBD acronym, with its suggestion of something illicit, is catnip to anxious consumers in need of something they can’t quite put their finger on.” 

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