The FBI wants to weed out corruption in the cannabis industry

Also in your morning buzz: a big THC surprise in chocolate and metal detector enthusiasts in the UK have their cannabis cake and eat it too

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The geniuses at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have apparently realized that the weed industry — which mostly can’t use real banks and is composed of former illegal growers — might have some bad apples in the bunch. They are now investigating the industry in order to weed out corruption.

This has garnered some mixed reaction from cannabis folks in the U.S. Some think it’s a good idea because it might help legitimize the business. But others think the FBI is treating the weed industry like a soft target that helps them hit quotas and cash in some hefty fines. You bet.

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Have all your pot chocolates been mislabelled? 

Have you ever had a pot chocolate and greened out unexpectedly?

Scientists at CW Analytical Laboratories in California have discovered that chocolate can mess with the potency of THC. In markets where a product’s potency needs to be carefully measured and controlled, that could mean the difference between products getting thrown out that don’t need to be. And others getting passed quality control when they really shouldn’t.

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British metal detector enthusiasts get baked 

All things considered, it’s hard to imagine the annual metal detector enthusiast festival in High Melton, U.K. — called Coil to the Soil — getting all that rowdy most years. That changed this year after someone dosed a cake with cannabis and 13 people got so high that they had to be taken to the hospital. 

To be clear, loading a cake with weed and not making that abundantly clear to everyone is a pretty crappy thing to do.

But the reaction of town officials was a bit much. “People could have died,” a spokesperson for the festival told the BBC. That would be absurdly unlikely. “It was lucky that no children or people on medication with serious health problems ate the cake.”

According to the BBC, the emergency response was immense: “A large fleet of medical staff were called to the scene, including eight ambulances, a rapid response vehicle, two doctors, two clinical supervisors and a Hazardous Area Response Team.” 

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