Thailand to host first World Ganja Festival

The country has come a long way from its notorious anti-drug days

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Thailand, which just recently legalized medical marijuana, is kinda like the kid who smokes for the first time and then goes out and buys a bunch of Bob Marley posters. They’re very, very eager to promote the benefits of weed. And now they plan to hold the first World Ganja Festival next year. (Yes, they call it ganja in Thailand.)

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the festival will be held between January 29 and February 2. It will be hosted by the Association of Researchers of Thailand on a 16-hectare site near the Nong Yat Reservoir in the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom. The festival will include academic seminars and the latest innovations in weed.

There’s a lot of excitement for weed in the country after the legalization of medical marijuana last Christmas. The first batch of product was unveiled recently and being distributed through government hospitals.

The country has come a long way from its notorious anti-drug days. It’s a remarkable testament to the shifting tide of global opinion on legalization. 


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