Study confirms cannabis smokers love to snack – duh

Yet, legalization has only led to a modest 2 per cent increase in junk food sales in the U.S.

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Yes, you can get a CBD-infused yogurt bowl, or smoothie. But let’s be honest: those things suck when you’re stoned.

A new study has confirmed one of the most obvious facts in the world — that when weed is smoked, the people will snack on junk food. 

Researchers from the University of Buffalo found that two-thirds of marijuana users are still going to pick junk food when given a choice of a healthier option.

[Author’s note: DUHHHHHH!] 

But despite concerns about the nutritional impact of legalization, the study found that marijuana legalization has led to a modest 2 per cent increase in junk food sales in the United States. 

That could mean that you see a greater push among diet experts and doctors in legal states to have a new message: if you’re going to smoke pot, and if you get the munchies, reach for some fresh fruit instead. (Which is, after every other kind of junk food, the tastiest option.)

Read more in the Chicago Tribune.

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