Stars align for legalization movement in the U.S.

Ahead of the 2020 elections, it’s a transformative time as Pennsylvania and New Mexico join the ranks of legal states

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Two more U.S. states took steps to legalize pot this week. 

Pennsylvania lawmakers introduced a bill that will legalize pot for everyone over the age of 21. The bill also allows for limited personal cultivation. “Pennsylvania’s cannabis policy is cruel, irrational and expensive,” said Democratic Senator Daylin Leach.

Meanwhile, a task force in New Mexico released recommendations that the state legalize cannabis as soon as the next legislative session, which starts in January. And it looks like the governor is on board.

As the stars begin to align for a transformative 2020 for the legalization movement, marijuana policies are getting better.  With each new iteration, more states like South Dakota, are mulling over putting legalization (medical or recreational) to the voters. 


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