Should you let your teenager smoke up before their English exam?

One UK mom says she did and the British tabloids are in a frenzy over it

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A mother in the United Kingdom has sparked a minor scandal across the pond after she copped to allowing her teenage daughter to smoke weed before writing her English exam. 

In the mom’s defense, it was only a “tiny bit of weed,” the Stoke-on-Kent Sentinel reports. But that hasn’t stopped the online pile-on. Many people have accused her of being a “bad mother.” 

But what, exactly, is the issue? It’s an English exam, which requires a fair amount of creative thinking. If the teen knows what they are doing, who is the mum to stop her? 

“It’s up to her to learn from her own choices in life,” wrote the mum in an online post. “If I’d have banned her from smoking it every now and then, she would have only done it behind my back as every teenager would do.” 

The mother reports that her daughter no longer smokes. She did on this occasion to calm her nerves.

The British tabloids are nevertheless in a bit of a frenzy.

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