Scottish National Party backs cannabis decriminalization

The UK could emerge from the Brexit mess poised to decriminalize weed in the near future

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The UK is only now starting to open up to legalizing medical marijuana – and extremely cautiously at that. Its medical pot regime allows only the use of CBD products.

But the country’s third-largest political party has unanimously endorsed decriminalization of weed. 

The Scottish National Party, which advocates for an independent Scotland, approved a resolution at the party’s conference over the weekend. It calls for Scotland to dictate its own drug policy separate from England. 

The resolution describes the current law as “not fit for 21st century Scotland.” It would allow “for decriminalization of possession and consumption of controlled drugs so that health services are not prevented from giving treatment to those that need it.”

Medical marijuana was legalized in the UK last year. The UK also happens to be home to one of the largest medical pot producers on the planet. But patients still have to jump through hoops to get it prescribed by a doctor. Laws around the recreational use of cannabis were tightened in 1971. 

The Labour Party has also indicated its willingness to reform Britain’s drug laws. Could the UK emerge from the Brexit mess poised to decriminalize cannabis?



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