Roxane Gay does edibles, calls cops on herself, pens wild essay about it

The prolific feminist author reportedly ate a second dose when the first wasn’t working fast enough before calling 911 – twice

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Ah, my friends: the celebrity weed essay. These come in two varieties these days. The first is the hopeful tale of how cannabis saved someone from this or that medical issue. The second is the celebrity does weed exactly one time and is forced to call the cops on themselves. 

Roxane Gay, prolific feminist author, has done the latter. She called 911 not once, but twice, after doing the same thing every celebrity does when they eat an edible: ignore all advice to the contrary and eat a second dose when the first isn’t working fast enough. 

“Hours later, I was still dying and no one had come to save me,” Gay writes. “ I despaired mightily so I called 9-1-1 again to let them know I was still dying. They said, “Ma’am, it has been two minutes since you last called.”

Read the whole wild essay in Gay Mag.


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