Cannabis retailers in the Canadian prairies form their own Weed Pool

The aim is high – to create their own grow operations to supply independent retailers



A group of weed retailers in Saskatchewan have formed a cooperative to push back against the corporate takeover of cannabis. 

They’re calling this co-op the Saskatchewan Weed Pool. The name is a play on the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, which was formed in 1924 (and which still operates today) to get wheat farmers better prices for their crops. The goal of the Weed Pool is to make sure profits are making it into the hands of independent retailers. 

As the industry continues to consolidate, independent businesses are starting to feel the pinch. Some complain about having to settle for subpar weed because of supply chains dominated by big bud companies. As a result, many are being squeezed out of the market.

The Weed Pool could be one way that the little guy can win more leverage in the unforgiving weed industry. But the coop is also aiming higher – to create their own grow operations to supply retailers. At the end of the day, happy farmers equals better weed. 

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