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Doctors are now suggesting that you pick up a joint 

If you’re going to smoke, hit the joint instead of the vape. 


Want to surf the world wide web of weed? Not at Tim Hortons.

The iconic Canadian coffee chain won’t allow you to get on any legal cannabis websites using their in-store WiFi


Donald Trump has a new enemy in his sights: vape nation

Trump goes on a bizarre rant: “We have a problem in our country…. It’s called vaping.”


Copenhagen moves to legalize it

“We have had 50 years of prohibition, and it has not helped anything,” says one city councillor


Smelling like pot in NYC may finally stop giving cops a reason to bust you 

According to the New York Times, more than 85 per cent of those targeted at the height of the so-called “stop-and-frisk” era were Black or Hispanic


U.S. media keep pushing stoner stereotypes  

It’s happening even in places like Colorado where cannabis has been legal since 2013