The godfather of CBD has made a new discovery 

And it’s thought to be a thousand times more potent than CBD


Here comes hemp-infused vodka

Spirits makers are eager to get in on the cannabis market, especially as more states in the U.S. legalize recreational marijuana

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A small town in Ontario wants to become the cannabis tourism capital of the world 

Home to one of the biggest cannabis companies on the planet, Smiths Falls has undergone a transformation


Fiona Apple figures out marijuana magic trick

“Now it’s just pot, pot, pot. And I get up at like 5 in the morning.” Nice.


Cannabis banking reform just got one step closer to reality in the U.S.  

The SAFE Banking Act will allow major banks to work with legal weed companies at the state level


At long last, it’s possible to grow marijuana in your bird feeder

It’s not that far-fetched since hemp seed is used in some bird food