Marijuana legalization might become a ballot-box issue in Missouri

An activist group has started collecting signatures to make legalization an issue in the November 2020 election


FDA opening up to magic mushrooms to treat major depressive disorder

The normally rigid US drug regulator has designated psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, as a “breakthrough therapy”


Alabama Might Try To Legalize Medical Marijuana Again

A proposed bill in the state legislature will face an uphill battle to become law


Whoopi Goldberg shuts down cannabis brand

Whoopi & Maya launched four years ago with plans distribute medical marijuana to help women deal with menstrual pain


Doug Ford blowing more smoke on legalization in Ontario

After a year marked by a mostly miserable relationship with the cannabis industry, the premier is still trying to pick fights


It shouldn’t be this hard to buy good weed in Ontario

My recent Ontario Cannabis Store purchase – from two different producers no less – had been packaged seven months earlier