Ontario Cannabis Store sells out of edibles in 15 minutes

Ontario’s cannabis retailer had taken its site offline to prep for its edibles rollout, but the amount of traffic still crashed the site

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Edibles finally hit the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) online store today (January 16) – first with a bang, then with a whimper. Within less than an hour of the products’ release Thursday morning, the province’s cannabis retailer sold out of nearly all of its scant edible offerings.

The initial edibles rollout featured 23 products, running the gamut from fruit-flavoured chews and tea to cookies and chocolate. All of them were limited, as per OCS regulations, to 10 mg per package – a dose typically lower than products available on the grey market.

The OCS had taken its site offline to prep for the release, but the amount of traffic still crashed the site at the 9 am start time. After just 15 minutes, users had reported that the site had almost entirely sold out of products. By mid-morning, all edibles were gone.

The OCS’s rollout has been plagued with supply issues, with similar problems arising during the online store’s first cannabis flower releases in August. Vape products also hit the OCS site today. With some 50 products being added to the vape section, shoppers seemed to have slightly more luck.

The OCS hasn’t yet announced when a restock will be coming. In the meantime, you might have more luck making your own.


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