Netherlands coffeehouses might finally be going completely legit 

+ a roadside kit to test your sensitivity to THC and Macy Gray on weed

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Most people know you can legally buy weed in Amsterdam. Many of us have even done so. For years, the Dutch government has tacitly allowed the sale and consumption of cannabis, but one part was still illegal: the growing. All those coffee shops with weed were buying it off the illicit market. 

This week it was announced that 10 municipalities — notably, all outside of Amsterdam — will take part in a pilot project to allow coffee shops to buy legally grown and tested cannabis. All of which could lead to a major overhaul of the country’s weed laws. 


If you’re a lightweight when it comes to cannabis blame your DNA


A Toronto-based company thinks it might have the answer to the burning question on the minds of many pot smokers: is this weed going to make me paranoid? The answer, says Lobo Genetics, can be figured out with a simple DNA test. 

The company has developed a test kit that it says can determine your sensitivity to THC, your likelihood of experiencing negative side effects, and how much weed will affect your memory. The kit costs about $60, and you get the results delivered to your smartphone after a few days.

“By better understanding your genetic makeup, it can be a completely different experience,” says company CEO John Lem. 


Read more at TheGrowthOp.


Macy Gray on weed: “It’s becoming like a One-A-Day vitamin.”


Soul queen Macy Gray has plenty to say on the state of cannabis in 2019.

In an interview with Vanyaland, the American singer. whose releasing her own line of CBD and cannabis products, says: “It’s becoming like a One-A-Day vitamin, I think, for everybody. So we’re doing different products with that, but we’re also doing good ol’ weed too.” 

She also has criticisms about the way weed is marketed.

“It’s always directed at men but 60 per cent of marijuana smokers in the U.S. are women.” 


Read the interview.


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