Mexico’s Senate will vote on legalization by the Day of The Dead

Despite a court-imposed deadline there’s still some debate about what legalization will look like


Mexico has been flirting with legalization for months. Half a dozen bills have been making their way through the legislature after a court-imposed deadline last year.

Now the leader of the Senate says the country expects a final vote by “the end of the month.” That would put us at around Day of the Dead celebrations in the country which, depending on how the vote goes, could turn out to be an auspicious coincidence.

“We’re thinking that we’ll bring the law out, approve it, at the end of October,” says Senator Ricardo Monreal, who leads the ruling MORENA party. “That’s the schedule we have.”

To miss the date would, at this point, break the deadline set by the country’s Supreme Court last year. 

There’s still some debate about what legalization will look like. Some members of the MORENA party favour a government-run cannabis industry, while others (including the president) prefer a decentralized system.

Details are still to be worked out, but one thing seems fairly certain at this point: the U.S. will be the last NAFTA hold-out on legalizing weed federally. 


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