Mexico unveils its long-awaited plan to legalize cannabis

The draft regulations include a provision that will allow those who grow their own to pool their resources in an “association” 

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Mexico has unveiled the details of its plan to legalize cannabis. The plan will make Mexico only the third country on the planet to do so (if passed). 

Compared to Canada and some U.S. states, foreign investment in the weed industry there could be heavily regulated.

On the other hand, those who choose to grow their own weed would be able to pool their resources in an “association.” 

The draft regulations also include a prohibition on all forms of advertising. 

Edibles and cannabis-infused drinks will be allowed, but only for medical use. 

Owning a growing facility and a storefront would be illegal under Mexico’s proposed laws.

And vulnerable communities would be given preference when it comes to awarding retail licenses. 

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