Medical marijuana is really effective in helping people get off benzodiazepine 

Almost half of all patients were able to get off them completely by their third visit to a cannabis clinic

Prescription medication is strewn about, with pill bottles in the deep background.


New research out of Canada has found that weed is great for patients looking to kick their benzodiazepine habit.

Researchers looked at the records of people on benzos who went into cannabis clinics. They discovered that 45 per cent were able to get off the medication completely by their third visit. It didn’t matter if they used CBD or THC or a mix of both. Or whether they were using the drugs for a medical condition or not. The medication is used to treat anxiety and insomnia.

However, the study’s authors warn that “the observed association between medical cannabis use and benzodiazepine discontinuation should not be misinterpreted as causative.” Which is to say that you should consult your doctor before deciding to substitute your prescription completely with pot.


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