Many Canadians are open to trying cannabis edibles: report

Edibles and drinkables could be essential to the growth of the Canadian cannabis market, according to a study by market research firm Mintel

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Edibles and drinkables will be essential to the growth of the Canadian cannabis market, reports.

In a report released on February 25, market research firm Mintel found that 59 per cent of Canadians are either interested in using or using cannabis, 27% per cent tried it in the first six months of legalization and a third are “open to trying it.”

Of those people, 48 per cent called edibles “intriguing” and two-thirds of those open-minded non-users are interested in ingesting cannabis.

The story was conducted a year after cannabis was legalized in Canada.

“The key to future growth for many consumer industries will be to convert more of the consumers who are open to but not current users of cannabis,” said Scott Stewart, a senior research analyst at Mintel. “Their hesitance to try cannabis was a contributor to the \ relatively low sales in 2019, but the legalization of edibles and drinkables in October 2019 will play a major role in 2020’s success.”

Over half of the study’s participants – 54 per cent – use cannabis to relax and relieve stress and 46 per cent use pot for recreational purposes.

Stewart added that Mintel’s research has found Canadians are hesitant to try marijuana because they don’t know a lot about it.

Pot edibles, drinkables, extracts and topicals became legal in Canada in October 2019, a year after the federal government legalized marijuana. They became available for sale via authorized retailers two months later.

Statistics Canada reported in December that Canadian cannabis sales surpassed $907 million during the first year of legalization – short of analyst expectations.

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