Makers of Charlotte’s Web have a new high-CBD hemp product

Colorado-based breeders Stanley Brothers are revolutionizing cannabis again – this time, with the first U.S. patent for a strain of high-CBD hemp 

By Kieran Delamont



When Stanley Brothers created Charlotte’s Web, it revolutionized the weed world – it was one of the first CBD-only strains to rocket into the mainstream.

Now, with hemp made legal in the U.S., the Colorado-based breeders are at it again. This time, it’s with the first U.S. patent for a strain of hemp. 

The strain is called CW2A, according to patent documents, and comes in at just over 6 per cent CBD — very, very high for a hemp plant, which usually has around 3 per cent CBD.

It’s a big deal for two reasons. First, it’s a hemp plant, meaning it is more widely available than a high-CBD cannabis plant. And second, the high levels of CBD likely make it a better hemp plant than the market has seen so far.

Martin Lee, co-founder and director of Project CBD, tells Merry Jane that hemp plants absorb lots of toxins from the soil, which is why many CBD products currently on the market are “not very good quality.”

By offering more than double the amount of CBD per plant compared to traditional hemp plants, CW2A could help mitigate this issue.

Source: Merry Jane.

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