Major League Baseball may finally be making progress on cannabis

The league is beginning to talk with the players’ union about allowing players to use weed for “pain management”

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All eyes in the baseball world are trained on the playoffs. But in the backrooms, Major League Baseball is beginning to talk with the players’ union about allowing baseball players to use weed for “pain management.” 

No word yet on whether this will be limited to CBD products, which are legal in the United States. But the league is keenly interested in getting players off opioids as painkillers after Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Tyler Skaggs was found dead earlier this year with fentanyl and oxycodone in his system. The league does not test players for opioids.

But earlier in the year, it sent a memo to players warning against the use of CBD products, claiming they can trigger positive drug tests for THC.

“Claims of CBD products being ‘THC free’ are false and misleading,” the league wrote. “We have seen multiple positive drug tests … in the past year for THC that appear to have resulted from the use of CBD products, despite the product labels.”

Some 13 players have been suspended for multiple violations of the league’s cannabis ban this year. Fentanyl, meanwhile,  claimed the lives of more than 31,000 people in the U.S. last year.

Read the whole story on the talks in the Los Angeles Times. 

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