Maine is finally getting its first pot shops – next year

The northeastern state’s anti-pot governor has thrown a wrench in the plans again

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It’s not illegal to smoke pot in Maine – voters legalized it by ballot measure in 2016. But it’s not quite legal, either.

The northeastern state’s anti-pot governor has, since the measure passed, thrown a wrench in the plans and stalled the creation of regulations that would allow weed to be sold.

So anyone who goes there has to dig up a delivery service or dispensary listed on the Internet, many of whom are operating on somewhat sketchy grounds. 

But not anymore – sort of. By next year, Maine should finally start to see weed stores open.

The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy is finally ready to finalize the rules, which means that stores could begin applying by the end of the year (hopefully) for licenses and start selling by March. That’s if everything goes according to plan since the guy who has been leading the charge against legalization is now working in the office set up to make it a reality. Funny place, Maine. 

Read more in the Bangor Daily News. 

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