Legalization movement growing in the land of the rising sun

And the the Japanese actor-turned-activist behind it says there’s no reason pot can’t be more popular than tapioca

By Kieran Delamont


“Pot! Pot! Pot! It should be as popular here as tapioca!”

That is, more or less, the tweet that Saya Takagi, a 56-year-old actor-turned-activist living in Japan, sends out every day.

For decades, weed in Japan has been harshly suppressed. Those rules are still on the books, but a growing class of people like Takagi are beginning to hack Japanese prohibition. 

Takagai says she is receiving warm responses, especially among Japan’s young people.

As she told Japan Today recently: “Now, more members of the younger generation have had the experience of smoking marijuana. Quite a large number of Japanese are smoking it. And they, among others, have been giving me support.”

Read the rest of that story at Japan Today. 

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