Kevin Smith wants to grow the strongest weed on the planet

The actor has teamed up with Caviar Gold to grow three strains to promote the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

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Ever been looking around for the perfect mindless stoner comedy? Chances are you’ve considered the Kevin Smith classic Clerks.

In that movie, Jay and Silent Bob are weed dealers – and soon you’ll be able to smoke their weed for real. 

To promote the upcoming movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – in which the titular characters sell strains like Beserker, Snoochie Boochies, and Snoogan – Smith has teamed up with Caviar Gold to grow weed with those three names. 

Whether they will be any good is another story, but Caviar Gold claims that Snoogans, an indica, will contain an unheard-of 42 per cent THC, and that Snoogans will have 35 per cent CBD. Those are… some serious numbers, and if accurate (and that’s a very big if) could take the cake for strongest flower on the planet.

Check out this report from the Portland Mercury.

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