Italian Anthony Bourdain gets busted for cooking with weed

Oils, wines, olives and a cannabis-infused tuna were among the goods confiscated by police


Carmelo Chiaramonte is like an Italian Anthony Bourdain: celebrity chef, author and all-around curious guy.

Last week, Chiaramonte got busted with a whole pantry full of weed-infused cooking ingredients, including oils, wines and olives. Police also confiscated a cannabis-infused tuna. 

According to Italian media reports, Chiaramonte had been growing weed in his garden. He also apparently had a lot in his car. Altogether, cops confiscated half a kilogram of weed.

While medical cannabis is legal in Italy and possession for small amounts is decriminalized, cultivation is punishable by imprisonment.

The sad thing is that weed-infused cuisine is a sector that has been talked about a lot. But has yet to catch on. That’s partially because so few people have figured out the secret to cooking with weed.

I mention this because it’s distinctly possible that Italian police may have set the cannabis cooking world back a notch. Who knows what unique infusions are now locked up as evidence.