Is cannabis the key to stopping us from getting old? 

More and more cannabis companies are making their pitch to the older generation on the medicinal benefits of pot over Advil 

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Nobody really wants to die, but since we all have to, we may as well go out loaded to the gills on legal weed products.

And we’re in luck, because the weed industry is all too happy to accommodate us. More and more are turning to products designed for people entering old age. 

Forbes recently took a look at this phenomenon and talked to cannabis company executives who are making their pitch to the older generation on the medicinal – and healing – benefits of pot over Advil. 

Says one weed exec: “The great thing about cannabis is that it has been shown over time not to have toxic effects. Not only do you get relief from pain, but it can actually increase and enhance bodily function.”

Another quoted by Forbes adds: “The older population was so stigmatized about cannabis, but then there is that ‘aha’ moment where people realize that it can help them feel better, and younger, and connect with another whole generation. That in itself is a healing process. And if this medicine can enable you to spend more quality time with your kids, then isn’t it worth it?”


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