Is cannabis culture getting too “bougie”? 

With legalization, the impulse towards bourgeois luxury is now stoked by brands with marketing budgets and creative teams

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Weed has always had its affluent side. It arrives every 420, when your buddy shows you the new glass he dropped a few hundred bucks on. Or the gold rolling papers he’s going to roll a joint in.

But with legalization, the impulse towards bourgeois luxury is now fired by marketing budgets and creative teams. Which means that, culturally speaking, weed will never be the same again. 

Alex Halperin has reported on this growing side of the industry. And in a new column in The Guardian explores the increasingly glitzy world of “luxury cannabis” brands.

He writes that these brands “often charge more than their competitors, even though it’s fair to assume many of their customers can’t tell the difference. A similar principle has been demonstrated with products such as liquor,” he contends.  “People will spend extra because they want to say Grey Goose to the bartender or display the bottle on their table.”

To the high-end, snobby weed folks: take note.

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