Josh Kesselman never ceases to amaze himself

Inventor of RAW rolling papers says he’s “saved probably 25,000 lives by now. That’s fucked-up that I could pull that shit off.”



Josh Kesselman is many things. Inventor of the RAW brand of rolling papers, the world’s first “vegan” rolling papers, is one. Filthy stinkin’ rich is another.

Since creating the RAW brand, he’s used that money to buy a vegan Ferrari (a Ferrari with no leather and no animal products in the glue), and to do some philanthropy. Recently, he sat down with High Times to talk about life – and why he never smokes with white rolling papers.

Parts of his interview are so absurd that they are worth quoting in their entirety, here.

On philanthropy, for example, he says: “This dipshit sitting right here has likely saved probably 25,000 lives by now. Imagine that. This fucking dude who smokes more than most anyone who’s reading this has literally, one way or another, saved about 25,000 other human beings. That’s fucked-up that I could pull that shit off.

Read the whole interview in High Times.