If you’re dreading your workout, get high beforehand

A growing segment of the fitness world is experimenting with weed

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More and more gym rats are turning to pot.

It’s enough of a trend that it caught the eye of the Wall Street Journal. The paper recently posited the question: “Are they onto something – or just on something?”

A growing segment of the fitness world is experimenting with weed. It’s been used by marathoners, for example, who as a class of athletes probably have the most time to daydream while they’re working out. Same with cyclists. Don’t even get me started on skiers and snowboarders. 

Proponents say smoking weed enhances focus during a workout. And it’s a little bit easier to motivate yourself. Plus, it can help with the recovery process by numbing the aches and pains and helping cut down on inflammation. 

Critics, on the other hand, say that you’re going to think your workout is better when you’re stoned because, well, you’re stoned. 

The debate is timely given the question of whether professional athletes who use CBD should face sanction. A number of athletic organizations are considering removing cannabis from the banned substances list. 

But until that debate is settled, just remember the wisdom of weightlifter Paul Roney, who tells the Journal: “You have to go straight away if you smoke a fattie. Wait an hour and you’re just going to be asleep on the floor.”

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